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RigBox is feature rich, and leverages every aspect of today’s technology to add profitability and efficiency to your staffing agency. The product itself RIGS the competitive landscape by leveling the playing field and then tilting it in the favor of the RigBox product user who is able to make placements in a better, faster and more qualified manner.



We spent years looking for an (off the shelf) solution that could streamline our operations, integrating our front with our back office and improving our profitability through efficiency but we came up empty”, said David MacDonald, President of Revolution staffing and co-developer of the RigBox platform. “Products we did find were either too big and antiquated-too expensive and too complicated or the opposite, not customized, not scalable, not integrated or in tune with tomorrow’s staffing company” he added.



  Applicant Tracking Module

  • Online Applications
  • Document Manager allowing you to capture relevant documentation in the Employee File. (Go Paperless)
  • SMS Messaging to Confirm Employees Job Order Details
  • Drag and Drop Applicants onto Job Orders
  • Payroll Reports by employee regardless of which Customers they worked at.
  • Contact Notes
  • Hot List for employees who call in to indicate their interest in positions for today.

  Customer Relationship Manager Module
  • Automated E-mail Order updates on any change to Job Orders
  • Customer Login’s to see data related to employees currently (Within 90 days) on site.
  • Multiple Customer Location Tracking
  • Multiple Contacts at all Locations
  • Job Order Templates
  • Invoice Reports by Company per employee and Job Order #
  • Detailed Reports by Day
  • Online Customer DataEntry of Employees hours
  • Contact Notes

  Job Order Module
  • Create an order based on Customer specific templates
  • Auto Match of the top 50 Best Suited Candidates
  • Auto SMS to all Best Candidates from the Fill Screen
  • Drag and Drop Candidates onto Job orders in the Fill Screen
  • Automated E-Mail Order Updates on any change to Job Order

  Financial Module
  • Single Data Entry Point for Payroll and Invoicing
  • Customer Interface for Entry of Payroll by client
  • Automated Confirmation E-mail to Customer once Payroll Data has been entered
  • Integration with Quick Books for Easy onsite Payroll Processing and Invoicing

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