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Training Videos

Have a watch to learn the details of the RigBox interface and user flow. Beside each video link is a breakdown of what features are represented.

  Create a Customer

  • Add a new location
  • Add a contact
  • Create a Job Template
  • Create a Job Opportunity
  • Add a Note

  Create an Employee

  • Online Application
  • Change an Employee Status
  • Edit an Employee File
  • Scan Employee Documents
  • View an Employee History
  • Add a Note
  • Quick Add an Employee to a Job Order

  Create a Job Order

  • From a Customer Screen
  • From a the home page
  • Edit a Job Order

  Fill a Job Order

  • Send a SMS to
  • Take a note
  • Attach an employee to a job order

  Employee Search

  • Brodcast SMS
  • All Candidates by City, or Skill Set

  Payroll & Billing

  • Take attendance
  • Affirm Work Hours
  • Do Billing
  • Do Payroll

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