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What you pay:

We try to be forward thinking about getting paid…and that makes us different. Our model is based on you paying based on your CORE BUSINESS ACTIVITY – placing workers in jobs. That’s how you make money, and basing our rate on your success means you always pay proportionally to your income. The bill is low when business is slow, and the bill is higher when you have lots of money to pay it. That said, we will negotiate a fixed rate agreement with you as well. Sometimes that’s just easier to understand.

Your use of all features and functionality is based on the number of hours you bill through the system in the week. Our goal is to be fair. Even better, we don't want your money when you are just getting started with us. The first 3 months are free no matter what your level of usage. Our first billing level is ALWAYS FREE!!! The first 500 hours per week will always be free no matter how many hours you bill.


What you get:

  • All reporting
  • All tracking and matching
  • All document management
  • All automated notification features
  • Unlimited users
  • In short, everything RigBox can offer you in the online system.

What costs extra:

  • Text messaging fees at 5 cents per message
  • Set up, integrations, customization and training as detailed below

The Dirty Details:

Your Weekly Billing Your Weekly Bill

  • 0 – 500 hours are FREE
  • 501 + $0.04 for each hour billed


So, just how does this work?

  • Cohen Staffing is having an average week, and they bill out 450 hours. Their bill: $0.00
  • Bookit Staffing has a big new client, and a buster of a week. They bill out 1000 hours. Their bill: $20.00 (500hrs - because the first 500 hours is ALWAYS FREE.
  • Apple Staffing has multiple offices, and manages accounts in 15 different states. They bill out 15000 hours this week. Their bill: $580.00 for the week. Because, even for the biggest of users, the first 500 hours is always free.


Extras we bill you for (one time fees)

Features that require extra billing are listed below. Please know, the only reason we charge you extra for them is because we have to, to ensure we can configure and launch those features for you so you have the best experience possible. Setting you up for success sometimes costs money; at least up front it does. The following features require installation and initial configuring of your system for integration. Having these features does not change your recurring costs. These are simply one-time fees to ensure the job is done well.

  • Scaning = $795.00
  • QB integration = $1,995.00
  • Training package at $1995.00
  • Setup and standard customization $1995.00
  • Any customization of the software, reports, or integration is billed at $120 per hour

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